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Lorelei, The Legend

A comparison of the German view of Lorelei, that outside Germany, the views and experiences of Judy, a Fellow Healer, and Links relating to the Legend of Lorelei


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The Legend as seen from within Germany is somewhat different to the way it is perceived elsewhere.

My knowledge in that area derives from a conversation with Dr Jur Bernd Atenstaedt, Deputy Director General of the German British Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Inside germany, Lorelei is both history and Legend, and all Germans know of her.

According to Dr Atenstaedt, Lorelei is viewed as a heroine by Germans. In general, her nature, from the German point of view, is as Judy Diaper and I see her.

Judy is a very astute and visually adept Fellow Healer, who has met Lorelei, in a sense had conversation with her, as near as one does at that level, and certainly senses her general nature; a very beautiful person, very warm and pleasant, absolutely no threat at all but with an underlying feeling that she is not the type of person with whom it is wise to take liberties.


The Germans see Lorelei as tall, slim with blue eyes and long blond hair. Judy and I see her as tall, slim, blue eyed, with long dark hair.

Lorelei's reaction to that was, "You fed up with the same hair colour after a few hundred years."


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